Working Past Our Pain

Its December! and I've been working hard to display all the things I have been creating. Notebooks, note pads and wall calendars; just to name a few. 

I hired a lovely lady on FIVVER to optimize my web design and Im excited to keep adding to the foundation that she created.

However, I must take a moment to acknowledge how unusually sad I have been feeling lately. It's almost like "you can't have everything" for real. I'm finally at a point where I'm stable in my career as a nurse, I'm in an amazing relationship with my husband, I really close to reaching my fitness goals and I have launched a business I'm passionate about... All is great right? Nope, thats not how the universe works. 

Mother daughter relationships can get complicated. I've always known that. That's why I have worked extremely hard to ward off the void...but its here anyways, sucking the life outta me.. I'm open, honest, generous, supportive and real with my two daughters. I've worked hard to become a nurse and give them a decent life. It has not been easy, especially since I became a mother at 19 years old. I must have missed something else that was essential... Where's the freakin' mommy handbook? My eldest daughter turned 17 this year. She's always been a intelligent, beautiful child that does well in school and in her Extracurricular activities like volleyball, drama and chorus. She excels at most things and I've always been a proud momma. 

Recent Events have separated us and It's so sad. I'm missing her senior year and I'm not sure if our relationship can be repaired or if I want it to be at this point. The level of disregard, disrespect and pure dishonesty that was coordinated is a little past normal teenage bull crap. This wasn't expected teen stuff like: staying out all night, drinking under age, sneaking out, not cleaning their room or smoking weed...ohh no I wish I was dealing with those issues.

Nevertheless the show must go on. My husband and I have big plans and even bigger dreams; so we have been working extra hard to manifest the vision. I have buried my sorrows in check list and daily to do list. and let me tell you, the schedule is full. 

The goal has been to put the best product out there for you. Each positive naturally comes with a negative and It is all about balance, and grind of making quality products from home.

I want to encourage you today. If you are going through personal issues write about your feelings and then sat those feelings aside and get to work.  Do something daily to press towards the dream;  and before you know it 2022 will be your year! Nobody is perfect. Nobody has a perfect life. All we can do is come up with viable plans and execute to the best of our ability. 

Be well,

Jae Renae

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