Origin Of Planning

The origin of my Planning

If I think back to where I got my love for planning from, I'm gonna have to say the source is my mom.

Growing up, I would always be under her and her friends working diligently in the PCAF council office. planning for dinners, events, revivals, etc.

Here I learned protocol. I learned how to type, create, and print programs for services and create documents like flyers, post cards, and certificates. I learned how to order trophies and other custom items.

But outside of church administrative duties, my mom was a huge stickler on neat documents! We knew better than to bring her sloppy looking homework... and if we did, we would be starting from scratch! And nobody has time for that. My parents both stressed the fact of doing things right the first time. And doing things right meant you had to plan before you proceeded. My dad is Mr. "early is on time" when we went to church, started working, and for school functions, we were always way too early for our liking! But pops was real pleased and comfortable with waiting for things to start!

Planning is not innate. Its taught. Its practiced and its perfected through the manifestation of our goals. So write it down. Remember why you started the plan. Stick to the plan. If it's not working, come up with an alternative plan. And go get what's yours!